Find The Light started in 2015 with an idea in mind: Creating sustainable stuff and spreading optimism.

What’s Find The Light?

Life is full of changes. Change, even though it can be scary, is good! That’s why here in FTL we are always open to evolution and improvement.

In 2015, we started out selling t-shirts with optimist messages and unique designs. Right from the beginning, we created sustainable products. Locally printed, top quality, 100% cotton garments.

Later, around 2018, we changed our entire brand. See? Told you we love a change! We decided to open to new possibilities and create a variety of products, from clothing to stationery. All while staying true to our core values: sustainability, optimism and equality for all.

Now, in 2021, we strive for greatness! We learned so much with all these changes, and we try to combine each learning to create the best product ever: our content! So, to answer the big question: we are a small content platform with articles, podcasts and products revolving around our values.

What’s ‘sustainable optimism’?

It’s our mantra, so to speak… Our content combines environmental sustainability with a positive attitude. We call it sustainable optimism or conscious optimism. It is how we chose to be woke about the human impact on the environment. All while staying optimistic!

We focus on this message to help everyone find the light even in the darkest times. We encourage everyone to be proud of themselves and be positive, as we love uniqueness and diversity!

As we did from the beginning, we offer high-quality products created in the most sustainable way possible. That way we can ensure the result is perfect and the environment isn’t suffering any more damage.

Or, in other words, we only curate the content we would consume.

Who’s behind FTL?

Find The Light is a group project that couldn’t be done without the help of many people. Friends that have contributed from the smallest of things like supplying materials for some products to creating big chunks of our key content.

But, as it usually is the case, FTL was born from the mind of a single person: Borja Castropol! Ever since he was a kid he dreamt of making the world a better place. His optimism is contagious, so he decided to start this adventure in 2015 with these values in mind. And he’s still working every day to spread the sustainable optimism message.

You can read more about him on his own website or even contact him for any enquiries.